Spanish lessons

Choose your Spanish lesson according to your needs!

One-on-one spanish lesson

Our individual Spanish lesson is tailored to your specific requirements, interests, and schedule. This course allows you to work one-on-one with your instructor, giving you more opportunities to communicate than in a group setting. Furthermore, the instructor can customize the course to assist you achieve your unique language goals while teaching at your own speed.

Cost: $150 x 10 lessons.

Note: Each lesson is 45 minutes long,(One class is 2 lessons). You can choose to take either 2 lessons a week or 4 lessons a week.

spanish conversation club

Conversational group lessons are perfect for intermediate Spanish learners that are looking to practice their speaking skills. These lessons are taught by two native Spanish speakers that are going to help you to have real Spanish conversation.

5 students maximum.

Similar level. You’ll never feel you are behind or too knowledgeable.

I prepare every conversation class in advance so there’s always a studied plan.

After each session you’ll receive notes with the new vocabulary, expressions and grammar learned during the class.

My objective is the same as yours: I want you to be fluent in Spanish as fast as possible.

Each lesson is 90 minutes long.

Cost: $10 x lesson.

$40 x 4 lessons a month.


The schedule of your lessons will be arrange once you fill up the form "Get this package", the course coordinator will contact you and discuss the schedule for the classes according to your needs and the teachers availability.

How to book a lesson and pay?

To book a lesson, you should click on "Get this package" and fill up the form and the class coordinator will contact you to give you the schedule available and the invoice to make the payment. You can pay using paypal.

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy dictates whether you will have to pay for a class that you do not attend or not. These are the rules for cancellation of one to one language classes.

Cancellation with 4 hours’ notice or more

If you can’t attend your Spanish class, you must advise your teacher at least 4 hours before the class is due to start. It’s that simple. We will not charge you this class and we will not deduct it from your pack. The teacher does not receive payment for this class either.

Cancellation with less than 4 hours’ notice

If you let your teacher know less than 4 hours before the start time, this will count as a cancellation. You will normally have to pay for the teacher’s time and we will deduct the class from your pack.

No show

A no show is when a student does not log on to Skype/skpe or contact the teacher at the time of the lesson. If you miss your lesson in this way you will be charged for the teacher’s time. However the teacher will send you a reminder message and wait for you for at least half of the scheduled class time.


If you arrive late to a class, but within the first half of the scheduled period the class will still go ahead. Unfortunately you will probably lose those minutes because our teachers have busy schedules and cannot extend the time of your class.